Music: New Iron and Wine album, Beast Epic

Although I truly do listen to a little bit of everything, I have an especially soft spot in my heart for Sam Beam and so I can’t help but post this bit of news.  Excellent showman, guitarist, and poetic lyricist. Here’s the first single for his upcoming album (which I just pre-ordered).

Recording quality for Beam’s projects is typically good, though the earlier stuff gives off a very bedroom-with-a-Tascam vibe (which I think is charming nonetheless). Later albums (The Shepard’s Dog and Kiss Each Other Clean are two personal favorites) have more layering to the tracks and are a good way to show off a hifi system.

Album drops August 25th in LP, CD, digital, and (get this) cassette. I think Beam might be jumping the gun on the cassette format, but hey, if it gets you listening to something you enjoy, who am I to argue?

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  1. Given his lo-fi roots, I wouldn’t be surprised if the cassette does well. There is a weird cassette tape revival that has been going for a few years now mostly through Bandcamp sales.

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