Guest post at Audio Primate: Pocket Class A

done with headphones

Click here to read my review of the Pocket Class A tin amp headphone amplifier over at Audio Primate.  This is a solid state project, but a very fun build that performs surprisingly well for the low cost.  In principal, it is like a shrunk down version of my El Estudiante amp. Board came courtesy of XRK971 (the designer) on

2 Replies to “Guest post at Audio Primate: Pocket Class A”

  1. Thanks, Franky! I have another small kit (JDS Labs CMoy) that I’ll be reviewing shortly as well. I hope these kind of reviews are a help to beginners that are unsure of where to start. I don’t see consistent reviews of DIY kits anywhere and I aim to change that!

    Of course, I’m still squeezing my own projects in as I finish them. Amazing how quick a small kit is to build though once you get used to the longer process of designing, sourcing, fabricating, finishing, sourcing again, wiring, sourcing again, etc.


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