Another update from the tube bunker

I’ve made more progress on the workshop room where my little tube hobby shop will soon live. Since the last post, I’ve ripped out a section of built-in shelving, framed the rear wall, had electrical installed, and covered said framed wall with 1/2″ plywood.

This plywood wall will eventually house a workbench for electronics and assembly as well as shelving (potentially a french-cleat type solution). The rest of the room is also taking shape with the addition of a small cart for my drill press and a section of peg board for hanging hand tools.

I still have plenty to do, but with a non-zero chance of a coronavirus quarantine, it’s very possible I’ll be spending more time in the tube bunker than expected. Next order of business is to build some drawers for the press stand and the workbench itself. When that is done, I’ll feel much more settled in the new space.

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  1. Nice progress! Using plywood instead of drywall is a great idea in this sort of space, it gives you a great deal of flexibility to what and how you attach to it.

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    1. That’s definitely the plan! Still thinking about how exactly to approach the bench along this wall. While I’d love to make it mobile, the floor is fairly uneven, so I’m leaning towards building it up on a ledger mounted to the wall.


      1. Mobile can be nice, but only if you _really_ need to be able to move it frequently. With all the peripheral tooling, electrical outlets, wire management, lighting, etc. , it can be difficult to make mobile work. Unless of course, it’s mobile just so it can be moved when you’re doing other things that it would be in the way for.

        Mounted to a ledger could also mean you add heavy duty hinges and make it ‘foldable’. This, of course, means you would have to keep the top of your bench clean 🙂


  2. That’s my thinking, too. Mobility has a lot of trade-offs that would make it less conducive to electrical projects. The advantages of being able to create more floor space in the shop and/or using the bench as outfeed can be overcome in my situation. The shop is next to a room of about twice the size that I could use in a pinch if a project it too large. I also found that my 2×2 router table cart fits under the right hand side of the Delta perfectly; that makes a pretty good outfeed option that’s quick to store.

    Thanks for helping me talk through 🙂

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    1. Of course! Workshop/lab setup is a fun topic, and better planning will, generally give you a better result. I’ve got some changes coming to my electronics lab area, sometime this year. I’ll make sure to send you some pics, and try to document it a bit.

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